Team V. Santa
Mrs. Monika Parwani
Mrs. Monika Parwani,

She holds bachelor degree in teaching and bachelors in law. She has a mindset to express herself with team work as her strength. With over 10 years of experience in education sector. She has expertise in designing Curriculums, Assessment and Developing Creative Activities and Professional Course for Teachers. She firmly believes that the role of education is to prepare kids to become active, successful and contributing members of society

Mrs. Jaya Motwani
Mrs. Jaya Motwani, Headmistress

Jaya was born and brought up in a reowned and respected family where she was able to reflect upon herself and choose her desired career.She completed her education from well known institutions.With over 10 years of experience in teaching with various capacities she joined V.Santa.She also has a natural flair for training and budding teachers.She is responsible for supervising staff, building relationship with students and to keep eye on administrative duties.

Ms. Yogyata Sewani
Ms. Yogita Sewani, Counselor & Administrator

She works on term “Correlation” for early childhood,teacher and parents to help them understand that young children need education from the point of view of their own development.She is working with V.Santa International since 2017.She has been in the School Counselor and Administration profile for more than 4 years of learning experience.She is responsible for smooth running of daily activities, planning events and implement curriculum.She did her Graduation in Psychology and Master’s Degree in English Literature.